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American Realty provides a complete range of appraisal services for Residential Appraisals. Our clients typically include lenders, developers, attorneys and individuals. The lion’s share of residential appraisals serve lenders as an aid for establishing a collateral amount for a residential loan – both on proposed or existing properties. Appraisals are prepared from plans and specifications on proposed properties or from actual property inspections of existing properties.

Residential properties typically include single family dwellings, condominium units, duplexes, and triplexes. Vacant residential lots are also included in this appraisal category.

While lending functions are the major source of most residential assignments, American Realty also provides residential appraisals for attorneys and/or owners involved in divorce proceedings, tax protests, or almost any other type of value dispute. In some cases, we have provided multiple appraisals for clients in a search for the best residential property for their new home. Expert witness services on any of those appraisals are also available.