Feasibility Studies

Over the past 20 years, American Realty has provided several clients with feasibility studies as an aid to decision making, typically on very large projects or for specific projects for multiple governmental agencies.


These studies were prepared by multiple appraisers including Lindsay Elliott and Harold Sundbeck.

These studies have included an analysis for AISD on the moving of Carruth Administration Center in order to sell the existing facility; the feasibility of a new parking garage for the Scottish Rite, the feasibility of developing a “new town” for Asset recovery, the feasibility on a development known of the Parke for Tomen America, a feasibility study on the development of the Walnut Creek Business Center, a feasibility study for a new parking garage for Capital Metro; and the feasibility of developing any entire mobile home community for St. Johns Neighborhood Association.

The most ambitious undertaking of our firm was a feasibility study on the development of the Villa Muse Studio complex – a 1,800,000 sf + multi-industry film; recording studio; and video game industry with guest quarters, commissary, restoration and archiving facilities as the primary anchor of the Villa Muse Development.

Additional commercial development consisting of 376,750 sf of Hotel development; 1,234,350 sf of office development; 300,000 sf of retail development; 1,127,000 sf of multi-family development (980 units); 1,358,100 sf of condominium development (1,006 units); 100 live/work units providing 70,000 sf of office and/or retail on the ground floor and 140,000 sf of living area above the ground floor work area, and 1,898 residential lots. Land area was 1,077 acres and total commercial development was projected to be 3,828,078 sf with multifamily/condominium development to be 2,625,000 sf. Parking structures were to add an additional 5,000,000 sf. Estimates of the total value as developed out was thought to be over $3 billion dollars.